Personalize a t-shirt with your dog's ears and his name

If you are looking for a gift to a person who loves dogs or simply want to treat yourself to a special t-shirt that shows the special bond between you and your pet. We offer personalization of long t-shirts with your dog's name and ears .

Ears + dog's name

A cute illustration of your dog's ears and his name can decorate your new comfortable T-shirt that you won't take off all winter. And if you are looking for a gift for someone who has a dog, look no further, they will surely be delighted!

What are your dog's ears?

We have 50 handmade illustrations among which you will surely recognize your dog! You don't need to focus on the breed, simply choose the drawing that suits you best, and if you still don't find your pet in the offered drawings, contact us and we will create its shape.

Tracksuit or Devil?

You can choose between a regular long t-shirt or one with a hood, both are unisex . Write us your choice of model and you can decide on the color later. We will apply your graphics to all colors, and it is up to you which one to choose. If you want a modern "oversize" look, we recommend that you take a size larger than your usual size.

Do you want to order your personalized t-shirt?

Excellent! You just need to fill out a short questionnaire about what kind of design we should prepare for you, after which we send you a graphic preparation where you can see how your dog and his name look on the t-shirts in the available colors. So let's start.

1. Identify your dog's ears from the picture

In the gallery below you will find 50 breeds of man's best friends. It's up to you to decide which ears look the most like your pooch. Do you have more than one dog? No problem, just let us know when you send us your request.

2. Choose one of the two types of t-shirts

Opt for one of the two t-shirt models we offer. Regular Tracksuit or Hoodie , both suit male and female figures. Don't worry about the color now, you'll choose that later when we send you the finished design.

3. Fill out the questionnaire and send the answers

Super! Now that you have all the information, please enter it in the table below and send the request . After that it's our turn, within a short period of a maximum of 3 days , we will make a design for your shirt and we will inform you by email where you can see it , only then will you be able to pay and complete the order if you are satisfied with the design.

Contact form

Choose which type of shirt you want to print your graphic on:

*in case of problems with sending the form, contact us directly at

** If you did not find your dog's ears in the pictures, write us its breed or if it is a mixed breed, send us its picture